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Graves & Tombs

What is the difference between a tomb and a grave? 

A tomb is something that is built over a place where a body has been laid, or perhaps a room carved into rock in order to receive a body.
A grave is the hole in the ground into which the body is placed.
The pyramids of Egypt were "tombs" for the kings; it would seem very odd, though, to refer to them as the kings' "graves."

Tombs inTurkey

These tombs in Turkey are the most amazing structures we've ever seen, we visited this area in September 2008.

What is the difference between a mausoleum and a shine and a grave and a tomb?
Mausoleum actually houses the body of the deceased, while a shrine can be built in memorial without the body. A grave is in the ground, a dug hole, while a tomb is above ground, such as a vault.

What is the difference between a communal grave and a mass grave?

A communal grave is the burial pit where in life, a group of people who are somehow related, have chosen to be buried. Usually the identity of those buried in a communal grave is known.

A mass grave is is a burial pit used to bury the dead who are likely not related, but have died in large numbers, such as from disease epidemic or warfare.
The identities of those buried in a mass grave might not be known.