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Chinese headstones
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A Chinese gravestone usually has at least three columns of characters. The writing in the middle column tends to be larger than that on the side columns. The size of the writing indicates the relative importance of the information. The centre column, not surprisingly, gives the name of the deceased. Information about the date and place of birth and age of the deceased is usually inscribed on the right hand side (east) and the date and time of death is found on the left (west). Characters across the top usually give the district or province of birth.

The full detailed article can be found at http://archive.amol.org.au/goldenthreads/stories/ 
Reading Chinese Gravestones by Doris Yau-Chong Jones

Ballarat Cemetery showing headstones and the furnace/oven.

Furnace Ballarat Cemetery  chinese altar

Chinese Furnace/Oven & Chinese Altar - Ballarat Cemetery

Altar and ovens       O Cheong 

Chinese grave

Grave of O Cheong